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Question: Do you take insurance?

Answer: Yes. Current accepted insurances include: Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, Humana. We use ALMA billing. You may receive an email from ALMA in regards to verifications and payments. ALMA is one of Insight Mental Health's billing that we use for receiving payments from patients and patient's insurances. If you receive an email from ALMA regarding a co-pay or owed payment, you can pay that directly with ALMA for your convenience. 

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Question: When I look online, why does it say you are in network with my insurance?

Answer: This is through a different employer and applies to my inpatient practice only, not outpatient. 

Question: What ages do you see?

Answer: I see ages 12 and older.

Question: Someone else prescribed me medications, will you continue them? 

Answer:  Usually yes, but if they are controlled medications I may choose not to.  I will perform an assessment to determine if these medications are the best course of treatment. 

Question: How do I access my telehealth appointment?

Answer:  Go to:

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